Oct 13, 2007

Fox Soccer Channel Spoils Americans With Triple Header Of Euro Qualifying

American soccer fans hungry for Euro 2008 qualifying are today treated to three live matches on Fox Soccer Channel. First, we get the juggernaut France versus Faroe Islands, at 11am EDT. Sure to be a nail-biter and one that will be of particular interest to all the Faroe Islands expatriates living stateside. Immediately afterwards, at 1pm, we are treated to what is sure to be a fierce duel between Sweden and Liechtenstein. And just when you thought it was safe to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, at 3pm follows a veritable clash of the titans between Slovenia and Albania.

Seriously, why does FSC even bother? I'm sure they must realize how absurd it is to show these games? I know they come through with some other quality programming, such as live EPL and Serie A coverage (though sadly, no more Bundesliga or Ligue Un) but what exactly is the point of this? So they can tell advertisers they have Euro qualifying matches? Might be something to that one, but from the perspective of true U.S.-based soccer aficionados, I don't think I'm going out on a limb by kindly asking them to spare us this madness. Do what you have to to get us more meaningful games. If you can't, drop it altogether. We'll get over it, I promise.

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