Oct 2, 2007

Quick Wrap-Up Of Today's Champion's League Action

Rangers' 3-nil victory at Lyon means one of two things: One, Rangers are pretty darned good or Two, Lyon is a shadow of the team that appeared to make huge strides these last years. It's early still, but I have a feeling this year's Lyon squad is not going to scare many teams outside the French league. A French league that, it should be added, appears very top-heavy if not downright weak from top to bottom. So far Lyon has yet to score in Champions League play. While being shut-out at Barcelona is nothing to be ashamed of, losing by the same score at home to Rangers is a little more disconcerting. Which is not meant to slight the Scottish side, who look in fine form. As does the other 2-0 team in the group, Barcelona. Although here too, I think VfB Stuttgart are not the team of last season. They currently sit 1oth in the Bundesliga, with a loss to mighty Hansa Rostock last weekend. Ouch. So Lyon and Stuttgart have already dug themselves a bit of a hole. They can still dig their way out, but suffice it to say this group does not look as intimidating as it did when the groups were first drawn.

I was singing PSV Eindhoven's praises earlier this week. How you all laughed! And now? Well, I suppose you can laugh a little harder. The Dutch side are apparently not equipped to hang with the big boys, as today's loss at Inter Milan makes clear. The Arse took three points at Steaua Bucharest and Seville notched their first CL win. Oh yeah, Man United dumped Roma, which makes me feel vindicated for leaving the Italian side off my top 25 this week.

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