Oct 5, 2007

Spurs Fans (And Others) Speak: Bench Robbo

A Soccer Source poll found 87% of respondents in favor of Spurs relegating England's #1 goalkeeper to the bench. The poll was conducted between Tuesday and Friday of this week. Its immediate inspiration was Robbo's horrific play in Monday night's game versus Aston Villa. A game, which, it should be added, just happened to serve as Spurs official 125th birthday celebration. Robinson's erratic play cost Spurs at least two goals and it was only through a truly inspired effort that the team was able to battle back and squeeze out a 4-4 draw (in all likelihood saving Martin Jol's job in the process). Yet the Villa game, though the immediate catalyst for the poll, was by no means Robbo's only blemish. He has been in extremely poor form for some time (probably even dating back to last season) yet continues to start for club and country alike. How much longer? Jol appears very patient with Robinson, even starting him in this week's all-but-meaningless UEFA Cup game in Cyprus. I wouldn't expect the same leniency from Steve McClaren. Many analysts are already calling for Robert Green to get his chance. Stay tuned.

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