Oct 17, 2007

We Tried To Warn McClaren About Starting Robbo...

...but he didn't listen. If you'll recall, a few short days ago Soccer Source completed a poll, where only 6% favored starting Robinson. Sure enough, Robbo cost England a goal and the match and a crucial point that may end up proving fatal to England's qualification efforts. "It bears repeating, Robinson was at fault for the second [goal]," the Guardian's log of the game said. Too bad the Spurs goalkeeper preempted using the excuse of the artificial turf, telling Goal.com earlier this week that "we can't be putting excuses in the way about plastic pitches."

Now England have their work cut out for them and are going to need help to reach the final stage next summer. Their last game is at Wembley Nov. 21 against group leaders Croatia. If they win that game, they have a chance. If they tie, they still have a chance, albeit a remote one. If they lose, their only chance is if Russia fails to get two points from its final two games, which isn't going to happen seeing as Russia's last game is at Andorra. If Russia beats Israel at Tel Aviv Nov. 17, it's basically over, unless Croatia somehow fail to get a point at F.Y.R. Macedonia that night. If the Croats draw or win, they qualify and England is faced with a very, very tough predicament. Actually, a Swiss Web site states that Croatia have qualified. I thought England might be able to beat them on goal difference, but I could be wrong. Either way, things don't look good at all for Ingerland. We might want to start debating the next England manager now. Meanwhile, what about McClaren for Spurs?

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