Oct 22, 2007

Will That Be All For Martin Jol?

This is the question on Spurs' fans minds, as their team turned in another weak performance earlier today at St. James Park, falling 3-1 to Newcastle United. Jol's team now has one win in its first 10 matches. While it has shown fight at various times, the defensive efforts--starting with the #1 shirt--have been nothing short of pathetic. But today's efforts were lackluster all around. This wasn't the same team that outplayed Man United and Liverpool for large portions of those games only to come away with a combined point from the two matches. This was just weak, and Jol deserves a lot of the blame: His personnel decisions--starting with his continued faith in Paul Robinson and culminating with today's decision to start Berbatov on the bench--have been suspect at best. The North London side are now in a relegation spot for the first time since...I don't even know when. So what will it be, Daniel Levy? The silence coming out of White Hart Lane is deafening right now. The Cambridge man admitted his patience with Jol is wearing thin--one month ago.

Update: Football Commentator reports this weekend's game with Blackburn is Jol's last chance, with Mark Hughes rumored to replace the Dutchman.


  1. Im not sure who should replace him, but i definitely think he should be fired.

    You dont bench Dimitar. He is one of the best players in the premier league, he is world class. You dont continue to play Robinson. He is one of the worst players of his position in the league, in the world.

    Jol is wasting the talents of Bale and Defoe. He cares nothing for defense...the Liverpool game a few weeks ago perfectly exemplifies that. I seriously thought coming into this season that they would be 4th this year, really. I completely botched that prediction. But doesnt it seem like if they had a coach that disciplined some of these guys then they could? The talent is there (which you cant coach) But the execution is not there (which you can coach)

  2. Too many goals on set pieces, and too many defensive breakdowns. That's something that a manager can correct. He doesn't seem to be, though.

    Their front 6 (mids and forwards) could run with any others in the Premiership. With Bale and Chimbonda on the outside, it appears the problem lies right in the middle of the defense.

    Unless Ledley King is Superman, they need to move Jol out before they get too far into the Relegation Battle.

  3. it's funny, so far I have yet to hear from one person who thinks we should keep Jol.

    I suppose the next logical question is who to choose as his successor?

  4. Looks like the question is answered...if you believe the British rags.