Nov 11, 2007

Call To Footy Bloggers: Participate In A New Top 25 Consensus Poll!

Readers of this blog are of course familiar with its signature piece (or one of them), the weekly ranking of the world's top 25 soccer clubs. It turns out mine is not the only such list in the blogosphere. Rankings of the top European clubs abound (if you're a soccer fan in New York you're no doubt familiar with Ives' site, which does one such table each week). But I recently came across, which has a mandate identical thing to mine, namely to rank the top 25 clubs worldwide. Check out their rankings from last week here. Unlike me, they try to actually make their rankings objective, by basing them on a quantitative algorithm rather than their own knowledge, expertise and research like I do.

Okay, so now we have a quant model and a fundamental one (to get all financial one you for a second). But what about a consensus poll of all the soccer experts out there in the blogosphere? The folks have already put out a call for such an idea on their blog and I am following suit here. But instead of just having anybody join in the melee, I would like to limit it to other bloggers or people with some kind of background in analysis of this type--at least for now. I know there are many such folks out there. It shouldn't be too difficult to put together some kind of rudimentary database where we can submit our rankings and which then spits out a consensus (if worse comes to worse it can be done by hand in Excel). Thoughts? Let me or know, or post a comment.

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