Nov 14, 2007

Copa Sudamericana: River Plate Eliminado

That was the graphic on Fox Sports en Espanol this evening. I wasn't able to catch the game (every once in a while I actually do things that normal people do, like go out for dinner or whatever. Tonight was one of those nights. I promise it won't happen again soon) but when I got home and turned on the TV it told me everything I needed to know. A quick check of my favorite blogs yielded the following match report from Hasta el gol siempre. Since they--having seen the match, and being able to speak Spanish to boot--are more qualified than me to supply that, I will gladly yield to them.

So now it's Arsenal de Sarandi against Club America in the finals. The first leg is at Estadio Azteca Nov. 28, with the return leg at whatever Arsenal's stadium is in Argentina (I think it's in some Buenos Aires suburb?) a fortnight thereafter. Obviously the Aguillas will be heavily favored. Arsenal is somewhere in the nether regions of the Argentine Apertura table and on a player-by-player basis don't appear to have anywhere near the talent America does. But the Argentine Arse has surprised people before, with the River Plate victory just the most recent example (they ousted Chivas in the quarters).

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