Nov 6, 2007

The Day After: Arena Gossip In High Gear

The soap opera surrounding Bruce Arena's dismissal/resignation is in full effect. Shifty comments from New York Red Bulls Managing Director Mark de Grandpre in yesterday's conference call are one likely cause, but the local media have really picked up and run with it. I really have to give them credit for excellent reporting that has supplied soccer fans with a steady stream of inside information they couldn't get elsewhere. reports "anarchy in the locker room," including Arena's falling-out with Claudio Reyna and Ronald Waterreus. Ives tells us that Jeff Agoos is well-liked in Salzburg and could become the team's next coach. Ives also speculates that Reyna could get the job.

The news of Arena's departure was picked up by worldwide media as well: ESPN, The Guardian and German soccer rag Kicker were just some of the places I saw the headline.

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