Nov 7, 2007

G-14 Expansion Off The Table

The G-14's expansion plans have been shelved, according to this story by the Guardian. As previously reported here and elsewhere, the group (which, despite its name has 18 members) was planning to expand to 40 clubs in 23 countries. Representatives of the 40 clubs were to meet with G-14 brass in Brussels next week to discuss their plans. Yet now, "Uefa has effectively outflanked the G14 by inviting leading clubs, including Chelsea who are not G14 members, to join the UEFA Strategy Forum," says the Guardian story. As a result, the G-14 will be relaunched as an independent organization that will work with, not against UEFA. So much for a new era in club soccer. We may still see a permanent-type of Champions League at some point, but it will probably have to operate within UEFA. No word on how any of this affects the G-14's lawsuit against FIFA over its "use" of players in international tournaments.

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