Nov 26, 2007

Poll: Just How Pessimistic Are England Fans?

In light of England's catastrophic (judging by some of the press reports--the positive ones) failure to qualify for Euro 2008, I thought it would be timely to attempt to put my finger to the pulse of the one-time mother nation. Specifically, I am interested to see how England fans gauge their country's chances of making it to the next the 2010 World Cup. This is of course timely for another reason, namely that the qualifying groups were just drawn yesterday, with England by all accounts ending up with an easy draw.

Witness, then, the polls at the top right of the page. The first one quite simply asks what England's fate will be in world cup qualifying. Four options there: They win the group, they finish second and qualify via the playoff, they finish second and fail to qualify, or they finish third or lower. The second poll is much broader and simply asks if England will win a Euro or World Cup in your lifetime (whatever that may be. Of course if you're really pessimistic and anticipate dying in the next couple of years--by your own hand or otherwise--that doesn't leave much time to work with).

Obviously there is no way (that I know of) to limit participants to England fans so perhaps this is more of a worldwide forum on the status of the sport in the country that invented it. Which is still interesting. Have a go!

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