Nov 18, 2007

Revs Devastated After Fourth MLS Cup Loss

Closing up shop here at RFK Stadium and about to begin the long ride back to the Big Apple. My official report on the game will be up on later but as a "sneak preview" let me give you some post game sound bytes from the Revs:

“We lost because we didn’t take our chances...We probably could have scored three or four. We didn’t and that’s why we lost the game. If you don’t take your chances and you leave a team hanging around, it comes back and bites you—and that’s exactly what happened today.”
--Steve Nicol

“I wish I could put into words how tough it feels...they’ve all been tough, but I think this is tough just because it was our opportunity and we looked forward to getting back here.”
--Jay Heaps

“I’m really down right now...I just can’t believe it. We played well but we’ve got to take our chances. We could have put the game away on a couple of occasions but we let them back in. It’s so frustrating. We’re all devastated right now. There’s not much to say. We’re all feeling the same thing.”
--Steve Ralston

“I’ve got no emotion anymore."
--Taylor Twellman

“He mis-kicks that ball…it goes right back to him. How lucky can they get, really?”
--Khano Smith, on the equalizing goal.

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