Dec 12, 2007

Children Should Watch What They Pray For

Liverpool's Castilian striker Fernando Torres, a.k.a. El NiƱo ("the kid"), is apparently desperate to draw Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. According to Fox Sports ("Torres praying for Real clash"), the Spanish international told the Reds' official website: "I hope that we draw Real Madrid, that would be a great tie. We have a chance to play a team from Spain or Italy, but playing Madrid would be really good. "

Torres has obviously not learned from the likes of Anthony Smith, who needlessly made himself bulletin board fodder by "guaranteeing" his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, would beat the unbeaten New England Patriots last week. True, Torres' quote is not as egregiously idiotic as Smith's (by the way, why is Liverpool's official site broadcasting that quote? Have they learned nothing? I suppose they don't follow American football) but why needlessly motivate your opponents? Especially a team like Real Madrid, who--unlike Liverpool--are actually really good? (First in the Spanish league and #2 in Soccer Source's Top 25 at last count). This isn't Marseille we're talking about. On the best of days it would take a near-Herculean effort by Rafa Benitez' men to upend this Real side. With this extra motivation? Fuhgettaboutit, as they say in Bensonhurst.

Perhaps Torres has some old scores to settle from his days at Real's cross-town rival Atletico Madrid. Whatever his reasoning, it just looks stupid. Liverpool's best chances are clearly with Sevilla or maybe AC Milan. Some might argue those are the only teams they have a chance against. Personally, I think that's a bit harsh; Inter Milan are the only side the Reds (or just about anybody else) have no hope of defeating right now. But Real was always going to be a stretch. Now, if Liverpool draw the Spanish champions they'll be saying Adios to the Champs League in short order.

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  1. It's either one world class team or the other, either way. It's not even in the same league as what the steelers player did. Hoping you get a chance to play verse a team and garenteeing a win are two very different things.