Jan 4, 2008

Friday Footie Link List, Jan. 4, 2008

Is this really my first post of the year? Indeed it is, but there is good reason for this, which fortunately has nothing to do with the evil day job--at least not this time. I have been busy with no fewer than three (3) separate soccer-related projects (in addition to this one of course). In no particular order, these are AmericanSoccerNews.net, Sportingo and Caught Offside. More on that at a later time (maybe). Here is what has caught my interest out in the blogosphere:

Say goodbye to John Harkes, Red Bulls fans. An assistant coach under Bruce Arena, the Kearny, N.J. native was let go by Juan Carlos Osorio, according to DuNord and others. Osorio is keeping Richie Williams, though. I don't know much about Harkes as a coach but Williams could be (and indeed has been, albeit I think only on an interim basis) a head coach in MLS.

3rd Degree is a great blog. How great? They don't even consider themselves a blog but an "independent FC Dallas news source." Rightly so! The latest example of their independent news source excellence is their list of 2007-2008 Generation Adidas players. It's actually not so much a list but a database that tracks each individual player's status. Absolutely brilliant stuff and required reading for anybody who intends to follow the careers of top young Yank players. This reminds me that MLS SuperDraft in two weeks' time. I will be there representin' my various soccer outfits. If you plan to be at the draft in Baltimore please let me know.

Bonji at From College to the Pros has some insight on Billy Beane (of Moneyball fame) and his arrival not only in MLS where he is part-owner of the new San Jose Earthquakes but also in the English Premier League, where managers have begun to listen to him. For more information on Bonji and his site, please read the interview I did with him a little while ago.

Bored with the lack of transfer activity in the EPL, Center Holds It re-ran a full-on interview he did with USMNT player Jonathan Bornstein. Why not? It's better than not posting at all (like me) or writing some "sorry I haven't posted in awhile" apology (see last week's FFLL).

Speaking of the Premiership, if you need a quick and dirty update on what has been going on (or not) in the January transfer window check out Football Commentator, an English blog I recently discovered. Lots of excellent stuff in there.

One possible transfer that may not be a big deal "over there" but would be huge for MLS is Eddie Johnson's rumored move to Derby County. MLS Rumors say there is a 5/5 chance it will happen. Paul Jewell must be really desperate because EJ is really not very good--not even by Yank standards. Then again, neither are Derby. MLS Rumors give the same probability to Alecko Eskandarian's move to Belgian side Standard Liege.

Finally, the best for last: Check out World Club Rankings list of top 25 soccer blogs. This is good stuff--even better when you see who they have ranked #1! That's right folks, you are reading the top-ranked soccer blog in the world (according to WCR at least. They may be in the minority, but Rome was not built in a day! By the way, with COS at #3 this means I am a contributor to two of the five best soccer blogs in the world!)

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