Feb 25, 2008

Arsenal (In All Likelihood) To Win London Derby League

The London derby league, Soccer Source's unofficial tally of all games Premiership London clubs play against each other this season, completed another turn over the weekend. Actually two, as West Ham saw off Fulham in Premiership play Saturday before Spurs beat Chelsea to capture the League Cup on Sunday. The result of the latter game means the only way Arsenal will not win the "league" is if they get drawn with Chelsea in the Champions League. Let's look at the standings:

Arsenal 8 7 1 1 16 9 22
Tottenham 9 3 3 3 19 15 12
Chelsea 6 3 2 1 6 4 10
West Ham 6 2 3 1 4 6 7
Fulham 8 0 6 2 7 18 2

(By the way, Spurs' victory counts as three points. I know the game was tied after regulation but there are only winners and losers in cup finals--no ties).

Here is the remaining schedule (obviously subject to change should these teams meet in F.A. Cup or European competition):

Arsenal: at Chelsea (March 23)
Chelsea: at West Ham (Saturday), at Spurs (March 19), Arsenal (March 23)
Spurs: West Ham (March 8)
West Ham: Chelsea (Saturday), at Spurs (March 8)
Fulham: None.

So Arsenal's 12 point lead is safe for the moment. The more interesting battle will likely be for second place, which West Ham still have an outside shot of capturing. They'll need to start with a win Saturday, however.

Photo taken from civicheraldry.co.uk without permission.

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