Aug 25, 2008

The tragedy of Stevie G

For those of you not familiar with Martin Samuel - and I'm guessing that since most readers are Yanks, it's a high percentage - do yourselves a favor and read his musings on Steven Gerrard. Samuel is the best English soccer columnist at work today, and while the The Times sometimes makes it hard to find his articles, you should try to check him out as often as possible. (His four-line summary of Arsenal buying Silvestre is perfect.)
As for Stevie G, the thought here has long been that he is the most overrated English footballer since, well, since America's favorite English footballer. If Stevie G is so great then why, 10 years into his career, are we still debating his best position? Yes, he's won games single-handedly; the argument is not that he's not a good player, but that he's still far from being a great one. At the moment, all his so-called greatness ensures is that he's in danger of being known as the greatest player never to win a title.


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  1. oi, Smoods you don't know what you're talking about, mate! Stop trying to poison these poor Yanks' minds! They don't have much there to begin with! Stevie G is the best English player of his generation, mate. Everybody knows this. The only reason we're debating what position is best for him is because he's good at so many!