Sep 26, 2008

Prem Weekend Preview

Here are the upcoming games.

The exciting game this weekend (and really, none of the others look too appealing) is Everton v Liverpool, aka the Merseyside Derby. These same-town rivals ruled the roost in the 1980s, sharing FA Cups and First Division (this was before the Premier League) titles. Between them, they won 9 titles from 1980 to 1990 (seven for Liverpool ), and three FA Cups (2 for Liverpool, both against Everton. Everton also lost to Manchester United in 1985.)

Neither club has managed to win the Premier League, going 0 for 32 between them so far. Everton did win the FA Cup in 1985, while Liverpool have done better, notably the Champions League in 2005.

But while these meetings aren't what they were - in the late 1980s, it was what Man Utd vs Chelsea is today - the local passions ensure it'll be a rip roaring game.

Otherwise, it's a very dull-looking weekend, fixture-wise. Of course, this is sports, so anything could happen, but it'd be a huge shock if Man Utd, Chelsea and/or Arsenal did anything but win with ease, and none of the other games seem particularly compelling. If you're at a loose end, you could check out Portsmouth v Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday - two teams that are usually pleasing to watch, and Spurs really do need to start winning games.

Enjoy the weekend!



  1. oi, Smoods, how about me Reds today mate? Top of the table now!

  2. bloody hell what the fvck is going on with Spurs, mate? We're a complete disaster! I can't understand this. We were supposed to be so good now we're looking at the bottom of the table and relegation for all I know. Ramos was this saviour last year now he's looking like a complete wanker! Oi, a bunch of Yanks could probably do better than the 11 we've got going for us now! This is terrible!