Sep 3, 2008

Uh oh

Big Phil is not a happy camper.

he made it clear that he expects to be compensated with an increased transfer kitty next year.

And then there's this:
Indeed, Chelsea may well choose to offer a reminder of their own clout in the midwinter window. Kaka remains within their sights.

One consequence of the spectacular events at Manchester City that is only just becoming apparent is that Chelsea and City are now set to engage in a contest of mine's bigger than yours. How delightfully edifying - the sight of billionaires competing to show who's willing to spend the most money on the transfers and wages of footballers. I bet soccer agents around the world are rubbing their hands with glee.


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  1. This indeed is a little sad...

    Let's hope that football might sometime soon be on it's way back to the romantic period...