Jan 23, 2009

The Arabs Are Coming

On the heels of Manchester City's takeover by Gulf sheiks -- and the untold wealth that the takeover has conferred onto the club -- it seems that Arab sugar-daddies are all the rage, and with good reason.

Add that sentiment to the fact that Liverpool's co-owners have been trying to sell out almost since they first bought the club, and you have a match made in heaven:

Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks is in talks with Kuwait billionaire, Nasser Al-Kharafi over a possible takeover.

The thought of Liverpool and City starting auctions for some of the world's best players is sure to set the pulses of many fans racing.

More surprising, perhaps, is that the BBC is also reporting that there may soon be an Arab-led takeover of Chelsea.

The Sunday Times had reported that Abramovich was trying to sell the club -- but as the piece makes clear, he's suing them for it. They also reported Chelsea's strong denials the following day.

If Roman doesn't want to sell, it's doubtful a bid of any size will force his hand. But his increasingly frequent absences from Chelsea games has been remarked upon, and there have been reports in the English press commenting on his growing disillusionment with the team and its direction.

Stay tuned.


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