Jul 31, 2009

Darren Bent Speaks The Truth

Having dispense with l'affaire Terry, we're in danger of getting stuck in another rut, that of the shambles that is Tottenham Hotspur. But this was too good to ignore:

stop f****** around, Levy

That was part of a rant by Spurs striker Darren Bent using his Twitter account. Alas, the page has been taken down now, but the article has most of the juicy details. You'd think if there's one guy who'd be sympathetic towards Spurs Chairman Levy it'd be the fellow for whom he paid 17 million GBP. But it seems frustration at rank idiocy trumps loyalty.

This isn't a one-off, either: one could argue that it was Levy f****** around that led to Dimitar Berbatov not leaving until the last day of last summer's transfer window, a move which left Spurs with too little time to find a replacement.


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