Oct 31, 2007

Bradley Scores In Heerenveen Cup Loss To Ajax

Michael Bradley scored Heerenveen's consolation goal 20 minutes from time, as his team bowed out of the Dutch cup with a 3-1 loss at Amsterdam's ArenA earlier today. It was Bradley's fifth goal in 12 games for Heerenveen, including two each in Eredivisie and UEFA Cup competition. Not bad at all! I didn't watch the game (I have a day job, remember? And besides, it wasn't on TV in the U.S. anyway) but it sounds like a pretty one-sided affair: Ajax took the lead in the eighth minute and doubled up 20 minutes later. By the time Bradley scored, his team was down 3-0. By the way, you can watch Bradley's goal here. Don't say I never did anything for you. It was the second time Heerenveen played the Dutch juggernaut this year. They went down 4-1 the first time, also at ArenA on Aug. 26. If Bradley keeps this up, he might just land at a top flight European team soon. Which is not to slight Heerenveen and the experience he is getting there. But what's with those, uh, not-entirely-heterosexual hearts they have on their jerseys?

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