Oct 31, 2007

N.Y. Sun's Gardner Joins Arena Flagellation Brigade

I told you yesterday to expect this. And if you think it's bad now, wait until Red Bulls lose Saturday and are ousted from the playoffs. Gardner summarizes the usual critiques of Arena, but does so in a more thorough and in-depth way than I have seen done elsewhere. If you're an Arena-hater (and even if you aren't) I suggest checking it out. Personally, I still think piling on Arena is a bit premature. The team still has a game to play and can still advance if they win on the field. Granted, things do not look very good, not with the franchise having won a game at Foxboro, Mass., since...2002? I don't even know. If and when the Red Bulls lose, we can safely expect people to call for Arena's head. But until the game is played I will reserve judgment. It looks like I'm in the minority though.

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