Oct 3, 2007

Day Of Upsets In The Champions League

Liverpool looked "dismal" in their home defeat to Marseille, reports ESPN's Soccernet. Sounds about right, considering the French side is fourth from the bottom in Ligue Un. The same league I was ragging on yesterday after Lyon lost at home to Rangers. Goes to show it's too early in the season to make blanket statements. Not that that will stop me from doing it again. And again. And...well you get the drill.

Chelsea ground out a victory at Valencia, which is impressive given the Blues' recent troubles. Then you had Real Madrid, the #1 team in my top 25, settling for a draw at Lazio. The same Lazio that has one (1) victory in six games in Serie A this season. Okay, so maybe that's not a HUGE upset. Neither is Celtic's impressive win over AC Milan, though there was certainly drama at Celtic Park this evening. And while Werder Bremen losing at home to Olympiakos may not exactly bring to mind Lake Placid, add it all up and it makes for a pretty topsy turvy day in the UCL.

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