Nov 16, 2007

Bayern Munich Mull Bid For Sao Paulo's Breno

I told you to watch the Copa Sudamericana and specifically mentioned this kid (he's all of 18) as one you'd be hearing about soon. Real Madrid have expressed interest and now so have Bayern, according to German soccer 'zine The Bavarian juggernaut apparently want Breno as soon as the winter break, but Sao Paulo are not willing to negotiate before next summer. Actually kicker reports that AC Milan, Fiorentina and Juventus are interested as well. Apparently Sao Paulo are asking €14 million for his services. Thanks to Breno, the Sao Paulo defense was nearly impenetrable this season, yielding only 15 goals in 36 games and at one point stringing together 998 minutes without being scored on . He can play both center and right back.

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