Nov 16, 2007

Boca Juniors To Expand Bombonera

Boca Junior's board has approved redevelopment work at its stadium that will take the capacity of the Estadio Alberto J. Armando beyond 60,000 from its current 57,395. The six-month project will add 2,800 private boxes to the legendary Buenos Aires ground, reports Soccerex Business News.

With the original Wembley gone and plans afoot to replace Anfield and the Maracana in Rio, the Bombonera is fast becoming one of the few remaining true soccer meccas. (The others? Off the top of my head, Camp Nou and Bernabeu in Spain, Old Trafford, the Azteca in Mexico City and of course Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Yeah the last one's a joke). Hopefully, this expansion means the Bombonera won't suffer the same fate anytime soon. I do view it as my duty as a soccer fan to take in a match at each of these stadiums at least once in my lifetime. So far I've only got the Azteca. If anybody wants to send me to see the others I will tender a piece of my soul in return. Okay that's a joke too, but only barely.

The Bombonera's redevelopment work will take place on the stands running the length of the pitch and will add two new entrances in the Brandsen and Del Valle Iberlucea streets. The Boca board also wants to create a new section to exhibit the club's trophies, and the bathroom and restaurant facilities will also be extended. Architect Carlos Sallaberry will oversee the project after having served in a similar role for the last major redevelopment of the stadium in 1996.

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