Nov 5, 2007

Bundesliga Team To Take MLS Tour Next Summer?

A German Bundesliga team could embark on a 2008 summer tour of the U.S. that would involve exhibition games against Major League Soccer teams, reports, the Web site of Germany's famous soccer publication. (Don't bother clicking on the link if you don't read German). This would be part of the nebulous partnership that MLS and Germany's Deutsche Fußball-Liga (or DFL, the administrative arm of the Bundesliga) signed this March.

Kicker also reports that several Bundesliga teams will be traveling to Asia the week before Christmas to lay the groundwork for further DFL marketing: Borussia Dortmund is heading to Indonesia and Arminia Bielefeld and Energie Cottbus to China (I imagine they'll have their work cut out for them, as neither club is exactly a household name even in Europe). Apparently, the idea behind the December trip is that the DFL will have the continent to themselves--as opposed to the summer months, when everybody and their mother is over there playing exhibition tours. I imagine all eyes in Germany will be on Bayern Munich to see what they do. The Bavarian juggernaut has played games in the U.S. before, including two against the New York franchise now known as the Red Bulls (they lost both games, the first in 2001, the second last summer).


  1. Sending Cottbus to China actually makes sense, since they have a player from China in their squad. Not sure why they picked Bielefeld and Dortmund though. And they could have send Frankfurt to Japan while at it. Takahara and Inamoto are - alongside Nakamura - the biggest names in Japanese football.

    It seems the league plans to send one Bundesliga team over to do their complete pre-season preparations in the US. Will be interesting to see which one will go on tour then.

  2. While this makes sense with the MLS/Bundesliga partnership, what I would wonder is how it will mesh with the league's desire to increase the Ligapokal to possibly 32 teams.

  3. They should just abandon that idea. No Bundesliga club likes the idea of playing a meaningless cup competition during the season. It would be easy to expand the current pre-season format a bit though.

  4. or, have some of the Ligapokal games in the U.S.?