Nov 16, 2007

Real, Atletico Seen In Pursuit Of Altidore

Madrid's two biggest clubs are apparently interested in New York Red Bulls forward Jozy Altidore. There have been a few media reports on this: has the most extensive story, but it's in Spanish, which I barely understand. Setanta Sports reports (in English) that Real have already approached the 18 year old. Sky Sports mentions Atletico's interest almost in passing.

I have mixed feelings about this. Yeah it would be great if Jozy played for either of these storied clubs. Key word being play. If he's just going to go there to ride the bench and participate in reserve games I'm not sure it will be worth his while. On the other hand, he's due to outgrow MLS real soon. Like next year. At that point it would probably hurt his development to not play in Europe--much the way it's held back Landon Donovan though the two are completely different players and have completely different attitudes. I mean that as a compliment to Jozy.

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