Nov 16, 2007

MLS, Bundesliga To Meet This Weekend, Solidify Summer Plans

Representatives from Major League Soccer will meet with Christian Seifert and other representatives of Germany's Deutsche Fußball-Liga (or DFL, the administrative arm of the Bundesliga) this weekend to solidify plans that call for one or more Bundesliga teams to tour the U.S. and play exhibition games against MLS sides next summer. So says the German soccer Web site (it's in German. Trust me on this one. My German is a lot better than my Spanish. Like lightyears better).

Updating an earlier entry on the matter, it looks like DFL have sweetened the pot a bit, because they are now talking about teams (plural) holding entire training camps stateside, while before the talk was of one team playing a few games, tops. It's all part of the nebulous partnership MLS and DFL signed in March.

Seifert is some bigshot at DFL. Hard to say exactly what his title (Vorsitzende der DFL-Geschäftsführung, if you must know) translates as. Something corporate.

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  1. I would translate the phrase as "Chairman of DFL Business Administration". The DFL has no doubt chosen an English title.

    The Bundesliga is probably the most fan-friendly league in Europe.