Nov 7, 2007

Reyna Takes Inaugural RBNY Least Valuable Player Award

This poll closed on Monday and I had every intention of posting an update with the results before a certain coaching change distracted me. Anyway this shouldn't come as a huge surprise seeing the huge lead he had going into the final day of polling, but Claudio Reyna has won the inaugural New York Red Bulls Least Valuable Player award. Congrats, Captain America!

Reyna took 81 of 203, or nearly 40% of all votes cast. Markus Schopp was a distant second, taking 37 votes, which corresponds to 18.2% according to my math, which is probably wrong so take it with a grain of salt. Chris Leitch (28 votes, or 13.8%), Kevin Goldwaith (27, or 13.3%) and Ronald Waterreus (23, or 11.33%) followed in close succession. Santino Quaranta's 12 votes corresponded to about 5%. Hunter Freeman (3 votes), Jon Conway (2), Dane Richards and Seth Stammler (1 each) and the elusive "Other" (9 votes) completed the ballot.

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