Nov 7, 2007

Tonight's Must-See TV Will Be Broadcast In Spanish Only

Today's biggest game is not taking place in Barcelona or Manchester or Lyon, but in Bogotá, Colombia while most of UEFA will be fast asleep. I am of course referring to the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana semifinal, where Millonarios host Mexico City's Club America (8:15pm EST, Fox Sports en Espanol).

The Mexican side are favored to advance but face a daunting task: Millonarios have previously upset Brazilian champion Sao Paulo and Chile's Colo Colo at the Nemesio Camacho. Still, if anybody can deal with playing at Bogotá's altitude (2640 meters, or 8661 feet above sea level) it's a team from Mexico City, which is 2,240 meters, or 7,349 feet above sea level. (Or maybe those extra 400 meters really will make a difference? No clue).

Los Aguilas' most famous player right now is probably Guillermo Ochoa, the starting goalkeeper for Mexico's national side. Ochoa is said to be on his way to Man United, perhaps as early as January. Other stalwarts on Club America include Argentine midfielder Federico Insua and Uruguayan striker Rodrigo López, its leading scorer. The Colombian side features Ricardo Ciciliano, who already has six goals in the Copa, including a brace at Sao Paulo in the second leg of the quarterfinals. Defensive midfielder Gerardo Bedoya, who had a brief stint at Boca Juniors, also featured on the Colombian national team at the ripe old age of 19 when it won the 2001 Copa America. Bedoya has been injured but is expected to play if my rudimentary understanding of Spanish is correct. Both teams' coaches are from Argentina.

Speaking of Argentina, the other semifinal is an all Argentine affair between River Plate and Arsenal de Sarandi. That game is tomorrow night.

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