Nov 21, 2007

With Carson In Goal, England Cannot Fail

Okay, that might be overstating things a bit, not to mention putting a little too much pressure on the Aston Villa goalkeeper's shoulders (as he is after all a regular reader of this blog. Yeah right). By now you probably know Scott Carson is starting in goal for England's crucial Euro qualifier against Croatia tonight. And if you didn't know, please leave and become a fan before returning to read this blog.

All kidding aside (and I was kidding. Please don't leave), Paul Robinson was a huge liability, who probably cost England the game in Moscow. Even before that match, I had tried to warn Steve McClaren about starting Robbo. Soccer Source readers backed me up on this, as only 6% thought the Spurs keeper should have started that game. The same poll found 40% in favor of Carson starting in Robinson's place. Alas, McClaren didn't listen and his decision very nearly proved fatal to England's qualifying hopes. (Let this be a lesson to you, boys and girls. You can doubt Soccer Source but you cannot doubt the opinions of its readers!) Luckily for McClaren, Israel bailed out the Three Lions (so much for those conspiracy theories) giving the former Middlesbrough manager another lifeline. He appears to be using it wisely. Starting Carson (indeed anybody other than Robbo) was the right choice. I feel better about England's chances already.

Are you reading this, Juande Ramos?

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  1. Oops!

    Perhaps David James is more of a safe pair of hands... Eh?... oh.....