Feb 15, 2008

Friday Footie Link List (Better Late Than Never)

The absolute coolest thing I saw in the soccer blogosphere this week was at Pitchinvasion.net. The geniuses who run that site got one of (if not the) best bloggers on Argentine soccer, Hasta el Gol Siempre (whom I have also interviewed on this site) to collaborate with Bill's Sports Maps on a primer on Argentinian football. The result speaks for itself and I'm being dead serious when I say no words--least of all mine--can do it justice. Check it out.

Another week another massive scoop by Ives, this time getting us the exclusive on the New York Red Bulls signing Oscar Echeverry. It looks like the Colombian striker will essentially provide depth up front and act as a potential insurance policy if and when Jozy Altidore leaves the club (which will hopefully not be for a crappy team like Reading). Red Bulls Head Coach Juan Carlos Osorio told Ives as much. This is all well and good, and it's high time the Red Bulls made some acquisitions this off season, but I thought Osorio's primary concern was with the team's defense?

Center Holds It is holding an informal poll on the worst player in Major League Soccer. They don't just mean worst skills-wise, but a combination of "salary and production versus expectations." We had this very discussion here focused on the Red Bulls Least Valuable Player of 2007. The winner I think should also be a front-runner to win CHI's poll, no? He gets my vote at least.

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