Feb 20, 2008

Wednesday Wrap: Reds Stun Inter

Inter Milan suffered only their second loss of the season yesterday, as Liverpool came through with a shocking upset of what was widely viewed as the best team in Europe (and not just by this Web site). Yes, Reds got help from the referee but let's give credit where it's due: Rafa Benitez' team played a great game and ultimately deserved to win. Inter now have their hands full for the return leg, to be played March 11. Yes, I will admit to being completely wrong about Liverpool, but a full apology to Reds supporters will ensue only if and when their team pulls through and eliminates Inter Milan. One thing is for sure, though: we're about to find out if the nerazurri deserve their top rank. Now why can't Liverpool always play like this?

Liverpool's victory wasn't even the upset on the day, as Schalke beat a team I thought was vastly superior to them. (Wrong again! That's 0 for 2). Though Porto are in a better position than Inter for the return leg. The other games went down pretty much as expected. Roma won at home, but Real are in a good position to advance. So too is Chelsea, as Olympiakos were unable to take advantage of the home field. Chelsea will still have to win the return leg, but they'll be well-situated to pull that off. Drogba and Anelka need a little more time together to gel on the pitch.

Let's not forget the Copa Libertadores, either. Three games were on the docket there, though admittedly none as enticing as the European match-ups. Chivas won their group stage opener over Bolivian side San Jose (and here I was thinking San Jose was in California this whole time. Oh well, you learn something new every day I guess). Nacional Montevideo won at Peru's Coronel Bolognesi (it just sounds like a pasta dish. Trust me, it's a football team) and Paraguay's Sportivo Luqueno also won on the road, at Chile's Audax Italiano.

And tomorrow? Another full slate of games on the docket. I can barely wait to see how my other predictions go up in smoke. Oh well, the last time I spoke with this much conviction and it blew up in my face, When Saturday Comes wrote about the blog. Maybe history will repeat itself? Not so fast, there is still plenty of soccer left to play.

Graphic taken from socceroverload.com without permission.

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  1. I think what last night showed is that Liverpool DO have the players to compete (and beat) the best in Europe but are just far too inconsistent at the moment. I firmly believe that if Benitez decided to pick his strongest team week in week out (maybe with a few alterations here and there where necessary) then they would feel the benefit in the long term and be challenging for the Prem.