Jan 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions: Regular Postings

Okay, so from here on out we're going to post on English football at least once a day. Bear with us and we try to get up and running with this...

Fist up today comes the first big signings of the January transfer market - two Serbian prodigies, which reflect Sir Alex Ferguson's continuing attempts to emulate Arsene Wenger by snapping up the best young talent from around the world.

The last time Ferg pulled this sort of move, he captured Nani and Anderson, a move that can be said thus far to only be 50% successful. But if one of the two new kids proves to be as good as Anderson, Man Utd fans should be very happy.

Also in that article is a piece about Tevez wanting to stay with Man Utd. Good news for them as his age - 23 - and attitude mean that he could well ensure the Red Devils don't miss Ronaldo when he inevitably flees for Spain. (If you believe what he's saying, more fool you.)


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