Jan 2, 2009

Bridge To The City

So Wayne Bridge finally decided that he wants to come out of semi-retirement. Good for him. And good for Manchester City, too - before Ashley Cole came along and pushed him to the pine, Bridge was clearly the second-best left back in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Bridge is now the fourth player to have wasted years of his career sitting on Chelsea's bench when they could have been playing regularly for top Premiership teams. While you'd expect players to "back themselves" and believe they can succeed at the biggest of clubs, some realism would also be welcome -- from Bridge and SWP, to have left sooner, and in the case of Sidwell and Parker, by not signing with Chelsea in the first place.

Just one more player-too-good-for-the-bench at Chelsea left -- though if the best midfielder in the Premiership comes back from injury and plays again at right back, he should ask for a transfer immediately.


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