Jan 13, 2009

The Trouble With Harry

Harry Redknapp loves the transfer market. So much so, in fact, that his typical MO when joining a club is to trash the players in the squad so much that he forces his chairman to spend money on new players. Surprise, surprise, Harry's decided that Tottenham Hotspurs' players just aren't good enough.

"They are supposed to be quality players - and they have got to show that on the football pitch.
"If you look at our results - two points from eight games - it cannot always be the manager's fault, can it?"

Ah, good old Harry.

Of course, it can't be his fault that Southampton were relegated for the first time in 27 years while he was their manager. Nor can he blamed for the fact that he left them in the lurch mid-season in 2005, can he?

And now it seems that Harry's not content with blaming the Spurs squad in the abstract, as he appears to be pointing the finger at individual players.

Our question to Harry would be, what did he think he was walking into? Spurs were struggling well before he showed up, and the shortcomings of their squad -- no left winger or international-class striker -- were readily apparent. What's more our view that the chairman is as much to blame as anyone for the current mess should have been clear to Harry, too.

Given the quality of some of their players, it's still unlikely that Spurs will actually be relegated. But some of our Spurs-loving friends are, for the first time, genuinely worried that it might happen. One supposes that if that does come to pass, Harry could always blame Juande Ramos and head back to Portsmouth.


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