Jul 21, 2009

Fergie to Tevez: I hate you too

It seems as if Sir Alex Ferguson has finally grown tired of the cheap shots aimed in his direction by Carlos Tevez:

"In my opinion, I don't think he was worth £25m. He was popular with the supporters. The fans quite rightly have their heroes and I was happy to go along with the deal as long as it was the right one but, quite simply, he is not worth £25m.

Strong words indeed, and as one friend of Soccer Source emailed yesterday, what are the odds of Tevez scoring a hat-trick when City play United this season?

On the other hand, Ferguson is likely just being (brutally) honest; after all, if he did think Tevez was worth all that money he would have offered to pay that amount. Instead, he snagged Michael Owen on a free transfer. It'll be interesting to see which player ends the season with the most goals.



  1. fergie is a clown. he trys to decieve his own fans into thinking he wanted to sign tevez. he had 2 years to do it and did shit. tevez isnt stupid, did the right thing.

    here's to a tevez hat trick and then some agains man u.

  2. I think soccer goals is saying quite right. He is an arrogant mgr. I think he need to change his attitude.