Jul 19, 2009

Arsenal fans are mean

The view here is that Emmanuel Adebayor is nothing more than a poor man's Didier Drogba, which perhaps adds some irony to his recently completed move to the world's richest club. But not everyone feels that way, and even Arsenal's manager couldn't help but rave, even as the player was being unveiled in Manchester:

'Believe me, he's a great player and he'll show that again at Manchester City.

While it's unusual for a manager of a title-chasing big club (are Arsenal still in that category?) to be so kind about a departing player, even more noticeable was Wenger's hint that Arsenal's fans may have pushed the player out:
I don't believe that last season he got enough support. That was playing a part in my mind and in his mind, certainly, as well.

The argument apparently is that Arsenal fans never forgave Adebayor for seemingly pimping himself across Europe last season, but they didn't hold that against Patrick Viera or, indeed, Thierry Henry. Perhaps it was Adebayor's languid style, or maybe fans thought he just wasn't good enough.

But whatever the case, it's interesting that, if the article is to be believed, the Arsenal manager is willing to blame his team's fans for the departure of "a great player." Is this another sign disillusionment with the club? Maybe spectators at The Emirates should think twice before venting at the team, since it's clear Wenger doesn't like it.


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