Jul 15, 2009

John Terry doesn't read Soccer Source

How else can you explain why he insists on ignoring our advice and continuing the charade of coming up with non-financial reasons for wanting to join Manchester City?

To wit:

[Terry] has become disillusioned about Chelsea's perceived lack of ambition in the transfer market and the frequency with which the club have changed managers.

Well, a tough workplace is never fun, but aren't we talking about Mr Chelsea here? Oh, wait...
Information has also reached City that he has difficulties with several other members of the dressing room and, as Hughes indicated, that he feels like his career needs a new challenge.

It seems as if life at Chelsea really sucks, so much so that he's willing to make untold sacrifices to get out of dodge and restart his career no matter what the cost.
The huge sums of money on offer cannot be overlooked, with City willing to make him the highest-paid player in the Premier League on around £250,000 a week.



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