Nov 16, 2007

Friday Footie Links, Pre-MLS Cup Special

What is this man doing at MLS Cup? I haven't the foggiest idea. I cannot fathom him being interested in a coaching gig in this country. He's probably just on vacation. Credit to Soccer Insider (fast becoming my favorite soccer blog) for breaking the story.

Speaking of favorite soccer blogs, vote for yours at's 2007 Best of U.S. Soccer awards. Sadly, but unsurprisingly seeing I've only been doing this for a month and a half, Soccer Source did not make the list of nominees. Maybe next year. Blogs that were nominated include The DCenters, duNord, Hudsonia, MNT Blog, Soccer by Ives, the aforementioned Soccer Insider,,, U.S. Soccer Global and WNT Blog. Can't argue with those choices.

World Club Rankings applies his algorithms to national teams (hitherto it's been all about the clubs. Speaking of, WCR and I are supposed to be creating a "bloggers poll" Top 25 that works as a democratic consensus of the soccer blogosphere's views on the top clubs worldwide. Details are still being worked out but if you're interested in learning more contact one of us and we'll be glad to discuss at greater length).

Ives is of course on the scene at MLS Cup (as are virtually all full-time soccer journalists in this country and even a few freelance shmucks like myself, though sadly I'm not going to be there for any of the extracurriculars. Next year) and recounts some hilarious, touching and haunting scenes from past years. Be sure to check that out, as well as Booked for Dissent's observations from the first day of MLS Cup media. Some good stuff in there but I don't want to give any of it away so read it for yourself.

Dan Looney is a pretty funny guy. Not as funny as me, of course, but that would be impossible. Looney, by the way, is the guy behind Dan Looney Explains It All. Explain it all he does, sounding off on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of starting the MLS Cup at noon local time, among others. Noon EST is of course 9am on the West coast and 6am in Hawaii but 5pm in London and 6pm in Western and Central Europe. I'm sure the Europeans are going to be extremely grateful we arranged to hold our championship game during their prime time viewing hours. After all, it's not like they have any of their own games to follow this weekend. That reminds me of the MLS Cup primer piece I did earlier this week for Caught Offside. Did I mention I'm really funny? Because that article is further proof--not that you needed it.

As for the game itself, Soccer y Futbol reports that Brian Ching might play after all. They'll need him. The Revs defense has been pretty impenetrable this post season. And DuNord is expecting a classic heavyweight style title bout. I hope he's right, or else I'll kick his ass when I meet him in D.C. this weekend. Just kidding, of course. I have nothing but (platonic) love for my fellow soccer bloggers.

Finally, how spoiled are Boston sports fans? We all know about the Red Sox and Patriots and now the Celtics. Meanwhile, Revs fans don't even have to pay to get to the game Sunday! Bob Kraft is footing the bill, reports Blue Blooded Journo. Go here to take advantage of the free trip if you're lucky enough to be a Boston sports fan (never thought I'd say those words. That's okay though, you paid for it with the decades of futility that preceded this one. More importantly, your city still sucks).

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